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Pre-NCT Checks

Unsure about whether your car will successfully pass its NCT test? Why not put your mind at ease with a pre NCT test from Car Fix Autos? Our pre NCT tests can identify any faults in your vehicle that could cause you to fail your actual NCT test, allowing you to repair your vehicle before the real test. Our comprehensive pre NCT tests inspect everything that an official NCT test would, ensuring that you receive a professional, reliable, and cost-effective service that could save you money on costly re-sits of your NCT in the future. Our pre NCT checks are suitable for all makes and models of vehicle, including light commercial vehicles.

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Pre-NCT Checks Prices:

  • Pre Nct check €39.50

  • Brake pads fitted from €85

  • Batteries fitted from €75

  • Tyres fitted new from €75

  • Part worn tyres from €50

*These prices are guide prices charges for booking purposes and additional charges may apply depending on brand/make/model of vehicle or any additional repairs

Pre-NCT Check FAQ

  • What is a pre NCT check?

    A pre NCT check is a type of car service that inspects all areas of your vehicle that would be inspected by the official NCT test. This service ensures that your car is functioning properly and gives you a better chance of passing the test.

  • How much does a pre NCT test cost?

    The price of a pre NCT test varies depending on the made and model of your car. Book a test online today or get in touch with our team for more information on the pricing structure of our tests.

  • How often do I need to get an NCT test?

    Cars under four years old do not need an NCT test. Cars that are 4-9 years old require a test once every two years, and cars that are over 10 years old require a test every year. Get in touch with the team at Car Fix Autos for more on NCT testing.